Mystery Movie “Donnie Darko”

Recently watched a movie “Donnie Darko”. Donnie Darko is a 2001 American psychological thriller film written and directed by Richard Kelly.

Writing a blog post on it!!.So what is so special about that movie? After watching it, I was in a bit puzzled state. Why did it puzzle me? I googled about the movie, found out some interesting and amusing things.

“When Donnie Darko first came out ten years ago, it earned a scant half-a-million dollars, covering about one-ninth of its budget. It wasn’t until DVDs of the film started getting passed around college campuses and high school lunchrooms the following spring that its underground cult audience was unearthed, eventually leading to a 2004 director’s-cut theatrical re-release and phrases like “Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion” entering the pop-culture vernacular. But cult films like this are a tricky bunch. When one that’s unique and stylistically impressive — as Darko is on both accounts — sneaks through by way of word-of-mouth raves rather than multi-million-dollar publicity campaigns, it’s not always held to the same standards normal movies are; their underdog status gives fans a parental sense of ownership that lets inconsistencies slide”

Hey wait a second before proceeding further, have you watched the movie? If not , watch it and then read following articles

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25 Things You May Not Know About ‘Donnie Darko’

Also check this cool websites

Click HERE for latest Buzz on Donnie Darko.

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