Thoughts Lead To Destination

We have heard the word ‘Thought’ many times. It is nothing but the information/experiences/visualisation/pictures etc., stored in one’s mind through the journey of life. Therefore, it has been said that ‘Mind Power’. Thoughts come randomly because the basic nature of mind is to create thoughts. It means one’s identity is different from thought.

There is a constant flow of energy in the mind, which is seen externally in the form of action. When one thinks positive, it gives energy to grow and one doesn’t feel tired while making efforts. Sometimes we feel so tired while low without any physical work because mental energy was used constantly in a negative or wasteful way. The power to think is a gift. So, one should use it wisely to elevate the self and others. What to think is absolutely one’s own choice, because then the energy flows in the direction of the thought and it grows, one thought leading to another and so on. The thought (vibration/energy) communicates faster and effectively than the words. That is why it is said that silence speaks louder than words.

The thoughts are so subtle and deep that it is very difficult to identify their dynamics. One can’t specify what type of thought would come next in mind. Everyone has a platform of thoughts from which he looks at the world. Positive or negative thinking is due to deep-rooted tendency. When negative thoughts grow, they become like a monster and swallow one’s future. A negative thought comes in mind with force; to overcome it one should apply auto-suggestion, positive thoughts and self-talk. It is rightly said ‘as you think so shall you become’. So make use of the opportunity of present golden moments to live wisely. Let go of the past and learn to be happy. A pleasant smile makes any difficult situation easy. Check the quality of thoughts regularly and be the Master of your Mind. In meditation, thoughts slow down; we feel energized in silence, get easily connected  to Almighty God SHIVA and experience his unconditional love, which is beyond words to describe.

So, one must be aware of one’s thoughts because they lead to final destination.


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